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Eva Hamilton


Eva Hamilton is an international yoga educator {RYT 1000hrs, YACEP}. Passionate about yoga since youth, Eva has taught yoga professionally for ten years. Shes an empathic soul who loves facilitating playful classes & healing experiences .... and combining her love of yoga with travel!


Her intention in teaching is to craft a supportive & nourishing energy for self-exploration. Her own practice is grounded in transforming feelings of anxiety into freedom. Her teaching attempts to help others to do the same. She's stumbled into accepting that she can't fix anyone... but she can share yoga, breath, embodiment, meditation & surrender. These are potent medicines which allow students to connect with their own inner resource for strength, transformation, healing, and peace. 


Eva's classes seek a balance between the effort of asana & movement and the surrender of breath awareness, meditation, and relaxation.  She draws on many styles, perspectives & trainings in yoga.  She encourages her students to be curious and playful on the mat, while also practicing ahimsa (non-injury or harm). She tries to support her students as individuals, welcoming them to cross-reference any alignment cues with the direct feedback & experience within their bodies. Eva integrates meditative verbiage and shares mindful themes to help her students release, reflect and connect the insights of their yoga practice to their daily lives & own journeys. 


Her flow classes seek an attentive balance between mindful & functional alignment, without sacrificing the transformative state of flow that unites body & consciousness with rhythmic breath.  Yet, while she enjoys the creative possibilities of a flow based practice, her passion is to help people release stress and anxiety to return to wholeness. Her gentle energy is best known for her restorative & yin practices.



Clare Martin


Clare is a Yoga Teacher (and radiant human being) from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Clare's yoga practice has helped her to transform her own health, body, and attitude to life. 

She teaches welcoming & enriching yoga classes to empower her students to experience this transformation for themselves. 


Her approach to yoga reflects the many styles she has studied over the years, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Myofascial Release and Yin yoga. Her teaching style is fluid & creative, infused with inspiration from nature, seasonal rhythms and the elements.  She also loves to teach relaxing Yin Yoga classes, especially by evening Candlelit during the winter months. 


As a professional Musician & Music Teacher, Clare personally finds the combination of breathing and moving her body to be music heavenly medicine. She mindfully selects songs to guide the energy of the practice, creating meaningful playlists for all of her classes. Her soothing & kind voice will encourage you to connect with your body & surrender into relaxtion. 


Clare is always furthering her yogic studies and is currently studying yoga mythology and Ayurveda. Ayurveda, a sister science of yoga, encompasses her love of wellness & healthy eating, while customizing our practice & foods to the individual & the seasons. 



Clare believe that yoga has the power to heal and transform everyone, no matter where you are starting your journey from.  She is forever grateful to this beautiful practise of self care, self empowerment and Love.


- Clare's Bio (written by Eva)

Esperanza Eusebio


“Espe” is in charge of everything at the studio, she was trained in Moksha/Modo Hot Yoga in Montreal in 2011, and has been practicing since she was 16, after moving from Mexico, she missed the heat and decided to start teaching hot yoga. She got trained in YIN, Moksha Flow, Vinyasa & Advanced YTT in Costa Rica at Blue Spirit under the teachings of Ted Grand, Dina Tsouloushas, Jess Robertson, Ray Long and Joe Barnett. When teaching class her priority is safety for the students, peace and relaxation.

Kristine "Piper" Doiron